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Pressure sealing globe valve

Model: J40H
Nominal diameter: NPS 2"~24"
Operating temperature: -29℃~593℃
Operating pressure: CLASS 600-2500
Material: A216 WCB,WCC;A217 WC6,etc.
Design standard: ASME B16.34,BS 1873,GB/T 12235,GB/T 12224
Structural length: ASME B16.10
Connecting end: ASME B16.5,ASME B16.25,GB/T 9113,GB/T 12224
Test standard: API 598,ISO 5208,JB/T9092,GB/T13927
Operation method: non-elevating hand wheel, bevel gear, motor drive unit, pneumatic drive unit
Application fields: For application in fields such as electric power industry, petroleum, tap water engineering in urban construction, chemical engineering, etc.
Product features

1.The sealing faces of valve seat and valve clack are build-up welded with hard alloy to improve the erosion resistance and extend the service life of valve.

2.The friction between sealing faces is smaller during opening and closing, facilitating a longer service life.

3.The valve clack is of taper, needle, ball and parabola types, and can be used to adjust the flow rate.

4.The pressure self-sealing is adopted between valve body and bonnet for reliable sealing, where the higher the pressure is, the better the sealing performance would be.

5.Rising stem structure, making the valve switch position be clear at a glance

6.The valve stem thread will not come into contact with the medium, so the corrosion of medium to the thread is reduced.

7.A certain clearance is provided between valve clack and valve stem. You may adjust it by yourself. The sealing is reliable.

8.The valve clack can be machined into parabola, spherical, needle shapes, etc. according to the requirement of customer. It can be used for adjustment (rough adjustment) on pipeline.

9.Short stroke is suitable for application at positions subject to frequent opening.

10.Through improving the structural design and selecting reasonable packing structure and qualified packing supplier, the valves can meet the Class A sealing test requirements of ISO 15848 FE.